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Blackend Death

2012-08-11 18:48:42 by Blackdoom13

Check out my new song. Evil black metal:

Hey people

2011-03-22 20:42:33 by Blackdoom13

Yes there is a new song up! Pushed Beyond Patience is the name and metal is the game. Take a listen and leave a review! /408311

New Song.

2010-12-24 15:39:52 by Blackdoom13

Well after much work Hung and Quartered is finally finished! Go take a listen. /385806

Well Imma back

2010-08-11 12:22:15 by Blackdoom13

Lol so after all this time Im back. And I'm back to making music. Go listen to meh new stuff. Or die. Your choice.

I'll be back

2010-01-04 01:46:12 by Blackdoom13

Hey everyone, I haven't been around much but I'll be back. My computer's been fucked. But I should be back soon and spitting out more music. Also, a band update: my drummer is back and now we have pro recording equipment. So all of Bestial Remains songs will be REDONE with live drums, studio mics and the whole shebang. We'll finally release the demo when thats all done. So be on the look out for it.\

Bands 3rd song up!

2009-11-11 21:20:40 by Blackdoom13 /287498


2009-10-24 21:05:32 by Blackdoom13

So I've re-recorded a song I did awhile back for the holiday. Check it out. It's waaay better than last years. I promise lol /282979

Band's new song.

2009-09-17 16:00:28 by Blackdoom13

Ok so me and my band Bestial Remains have finshed a new song. It's called Excrated Homicide.
It's our most brutal song yet. So please give it a listen and maybe a review? lol /272115


2009-07-27 19:27:52 by Blackdoom13

After 4 years I've finally decided to do it. I revamped my Terminator Theme!
Listen or die! /259279

Bands first song.

2009-07-20 20:00:48 by Blackdoom13

My band finally fished a song. Check it out or I will eat the insides of your skull. /255461